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October 15
General Meeting
Recent Developments in
Construction Law

October 21
Codes & Standards
Committee Meeting

November 19
General Meeting
Energy Code Update

December 10
Holiday Party
McMenamins Anderson School

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The Electric League of the Pacific Northwest is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose purpose is to:
Promote the common business interest and improve the business conditions affecting the electrical industry.

Encourage and sponsor projects for the advancement of the electrical industry.

Promote good relations with the public.

Gather and disseminate information and data useful to the electrical industry and to make it available to membership.

Assist the executive and legislative branches of the federal and state governments.

Carry on educational research and engineering activities for the general benefit of the electrical industry.

Conduct trade shows and other educational activities.

Sponsor or participate in advertising campaigns relating to the electrical industry.

From Article II, Articles of Incorporation

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Community Service
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