...promoting the common business interests and improving the business conditions of the electrical and energy industry.

...promoting the common business interests and improving the business conditions of the electrical and energy industry.

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About Us

Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors
Past Presidents

Javad Maadanian, President  
Collaborative Construction Consulting Co.  

Greg Vahsholtz, VP Programs
Wesco Distribution, Inc.

Eden Van Ballegooijen, VP Community Service
Pacific Lighting Systems

John LeCompte - VP Admin
Seattle City Light

Michelle Pemberton - Sec/Treasurer

Cameron Clark, Past President 

Jacquel Arnsperger

Bryan Boeholt
BrN Engineering

Rick Deters 
HDR Engineering


Ann Holliday 
PowerStudies Inc.

Rob Marks 
Snohomish PUD

Justin Park
Romero Park P.S.

Andrew Pultorak
Puget Sound Energy

Bob Schneider
D. Hittle & Associates, Inc.

Randy Wilson
Cummins Sales & Service

Matt Woo
Wood Harbinger



Brook Walker
Executive Director

Brook has worked for the Electric League since 2008, in the capacity of Executive Director since 2011.  Brook serves on the boards of ILEA (International League of Electrical Associations) and Tam o'Shanter Golf and Country Club.
Email | W: (425) 646-4727


2000 Jeff Jensen; 2001 Jake Fey; 2002 Randy Burke; 2003 Randy Burke; 2004 Marya Castillano; 2005 Marya Castillano; 2006 Len Whalen; 2007 Len Whalen; 2008 Steve Schmidt; 2009 Steve Schmidt; 2010 Syd France; 2011 Syd France; 2012 Cameron Clark; 2013 Cameron Clark; 2014 Cameron Clark, 2015 Cameron Clark, 2016 Javad Maadanian, 2017 Javad Maadanian

PAST PRESIDENT'S: 1980 to 1999

1980 Beryl W. Ash; 1981 R.H. Swartzel; 1982 R.W. Becker; 1983 F.W. Lane; 1984 R.W. Harper; 1985 David W. Pavey; 1986 James O. Travis; 1987 Robert Gilbeault; 1988 Gary Swofford; 1989 David Eason; 1990 Malcolm MacDonald; 1991 T. John White; 1992 James R. Duncan; 1993 Kenneth L. McGowan; 1994 Richard L. Wilskey; 1995 Jerry Lehenbauer; 1996 Jerry Lehenbauer; 1997 John Feltis; 1998 John Feltis; 1999 Pete Lemman;

PAST PRESIDENT'S: 1960 to 1979

1960 James Hartwig; 1961 K.E. Hollingsworth; 1962 David E. Edwards; 1963 Arthur Seigal; 1964 Thomas E. Sparling; 1965 Alden B. Couch; 1966 Jack H. Wells; 1967 L.R. Hennings; 1968 A. Clifford Tyler; 1969 A. Clifford Tyler; 1970 Raymond P. Grosse; 1971 Edward H. Bastedo; 1972 Donald R. Trafford; 1973 William J, Vorwerk; 1974 Sidney B. VanNess; 1975 Joseph R. Recchi; 1976 William H. Derry; 1977 Joseph P. Hartman; 1978 Daniel A. Lyons; 1979 David A. Brooks;

PAST PRESIDENT'S: 1922 to 1959

1922 J.J. Agutter; 1923 Walter E. Jones; 1924 Harry J. Martin; 1925 David Roderick; 1926 Thomas A. Wood; 1927 J.D. Ross; 1928 R.M. Boykin; 1929 A.J. Lutz; 1930 Grover C. Burke; 1931 John B. Hayes; 1932 William "Bill" Thies; 1933 William "Bill" Thies; 1934 A.L. Pollard; 1935 W.D. MacDonald; 1936 W.D. MacDonald; 1937 Carol D. Helper; 1938 R.U. Muffley; 1939 D.U. Chamberlin; 1940 Norman L. Bost; 1941 Harry G. Anger; 1942 Harry G. Anger; 1943 George M. Boyd; 1944 Roger A. Walker; 1945 O.A. Alderman; 1946 Tom Widrig; 1947 John P. Lawton; 1948 Claude R. Kingsbury; 1949 Beverly A. Travis; 1950 Ralph B. Lane; 1951 Henry R. Loew; 1952 John Nelson; 1953 C.D. Casey; 1954 L.C. McIver; 1955 O.B. Hubenthal; 1956 A.G. O'Brien; 1957 R.L. Lemman; 1958 Howard Bayley; 1959 A.J. Flechsig;

December 2017
Codes & Standards Committee Meeting
December 20th, 2017
Puget Sound Energy
Advanced Integration Lab Presentation & Tour
December 21st, 2017
McKinstry / Advanced Integration Lab
Annual Mix & Mingle
January 11th, 2018
The VUDE (Velvet Underground Dining Experience)
2018 Revisions to NFPA-70E
January 18th, 2018
Puget Sound Energy Auditorium
Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Sox
June 15th, 2018
Safeco Field - Power Alley at the 'Pen
Strategic Accounts Sales Manager, Data Center Market
Cummins Sales & Service
Renton, WA
Posted December 12th, 2017
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